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With a total consumption of 9.4 billion pieces in 2017, cigar and cigarillo consumption represents less than 1,6% of the total consumption of tobacco products (cigarettes, smoking tobacco and cigars) in the European Union. This makes the cigar industry the smallest member of the tobacco family.

According to the Special Eurobarometer report “Attitudes of Europeans towards Tobacco” that was published by the European Commission in May 2012:
-) “Cigars and pipes are rarely used by smokers, only 2% reporting that they use these tobacco products daily or weekly in both cases”
-) “Males are considerably more likely than females to report that they smoke cigars (or a pipe)”
-) “Regular smoking of a pipe appears to be characteristic of oldest age groups. These groups are also the most likely to smoke cigars. Overall, the proportions of respondents regularly using these tobacco products are low: 3% for cigars and 2% for pipe”.

According to the latest Special Eurobarometer report "Attitudes of Europeans towards tobacco and electronic cigarettes” (May 2015):
-) "Just over three-quarters of smokers use boxed cigarettes daily .. Cigars, cigarillos and pipes are used much less frequently, with just 1-2% using them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis"
-) Since 2012 "There has been a decrease of six percentage points in the proportion of smokers who use cigars";
-) "More men than women regularly smoke cigars (4% vs. 0%), cigarillos (5% vs. 0%) or a pipe (2% vs. 0%)".